Audi Supersport 10R Concept : une interprétation !

Vroom Vroom Audi Supersport 10R Concept

This concept is made by me (Alessandro Lupo). It is not an official product of Audi. The design incorporates the shapes of Audi, the mechanics are derived from Ducati with important changes. It has got the chassis with motor carrier, V4 1000cc, Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes, Pirelli tires, magnesium rims OZ-Racing. The following product is 90% recyclable thanks to the use of aluminum for the mechanical and Baypreg F for the hulls. Reiterate the point, the novelty is the design, the engine and the frame. It is NOT news: the front fork and brakes, they really do exist.


Audi Supersport 10R Concept from Alessandro Lupo on Vimeo.